The Bone Couture Line of Adornments is Inspired by Birds

 - Jul 26, 2014
References: smith-jewellery &
Jewelry designer Anan Raimondo has just launched an impressive line of jewelry titled Bone Couture. Raimondo drew inspiration for the thin gold pieces by way of a bird carcass that she found at the side of a road, prompting her to model the adornments after the beauty of fowl.

Numerous fauna additions are evidently present in Bone Couture. Rings shaped like beaks are placed next to faux feathers, dangling spinal-like cords, fangs and claws. Despite the almost feral-like nature of the collection, Bone Couture comes across as dainty and quite feminine.

In addition to the bird theme that runs throughout this series, Raimondo also made a point to fashion jewelry in various forms via dangling earrings, thin bracelets and low-hanging necklaces.