The Bodywell Chip Helps Reduce the Amount of Harmful Waves

 - Feb 8, 2013
References: bodywellchip & damngeeky
Smartphones and tablet PCs emit a steady level of radiation in order to operate, which is why the Bodywell Chip is a necessary addition to out favorite devices. The little add-on helps by blocking the amount of radiation that the device releases while in use.

The Bodywell chip is easily installed into any smartphone or other mobile device on a case or back of the device. It's well-known in the tech industry that while our modern gadgets are great for staying in touch, they do indeed emit a certain level of radiation. While this isn't much of a concern for the moment, many users are becoming more worried what prolonged exposure will bring about. As such, installing a device like the Bodywell chip might help to give a user peace-of-mind that they're protected.