This Blogger Helps Design Fashionable Apparel for Plus-size Women

Shawna Farmer is a body positive fashion blogger that also helps to design fashion-forward clothing for plus-size women. While there are a number of bloggers who provide plus-size style inspiration, there are still few options when it comes to actually purchasing garments in extended sizes. This blogger takes a proactive approach when it comes to helping full-figured women find stylish clothing.

Farmer is a blogger and an indie designer who runs an online boutique called 'Chubby Cartwheels.' The brand not only offers stylish clothing for plus-size women, but it also includes garments that actively chastise the fashion industry for its narrow definition of beauty. One of the brand's newest items is a shirt that reads 'Diet Industry Dropout,' which encourages women to love their body as it is.

Farmer is just one of several plus-size bloggers who are actively working towards changing the fashion industry from the inside out.