Till Rabus Creates a Passionate Body Part Painting Collection

 - Feb 6, 2013
References: tillrabus.ch & sweet-station
In his body part painting collection called Patchwork Hotel, artist Till Rabus creates a struggling wrestling match between different misplaced limbs.

His monstrous masterpieces feature bodies that are a confusing cluster of fleshy legs and arms, wearing nothing but fishnet tights and heels. The sight is simultaneously erotic yet also disturbing as the parts combine into a mutated figure that is either trying to make love to itself or is in a constant battle with itself. Either way, the imagery is action-packed and risque, definitely distracting yet modestly shying away from any outright inappropriate displays.

The body part painting pieces by Till Rabus demonstrate a sincere passion for female body parts, yet also embody a frustrated sense of unfulfilled desire.