These Bob Gaudette Shoots are Enigmatic and Dark

 - May 3, 2012
References: revolvestudios & dirtyflaws
Toronto-based photographer Bob Gaudette recently shot a series of photographs for Contributor magazine that will leave you seeing double.

The photographs depict a young woman shrouded in pitch black. She is not shown as a single image, but rather as a collage of multiple photographs taken from different angles while she wears contrasting expressions and strikes various poses. This produces an almost schizophrenic quality that is tempered by the superbly cohesive black and white aesthetic Gaudette employs.

Her body is arranged in such a way in the frames so as to resemble petals of a flower blowing softly in a mild breeze. Photographic manipulation, whether it is done digitally or with analogue methods, can often come out as amateurish and awkward. Gaudette's work though, is supremely elegant and professional.