Bob Baldwin's Cabinets Feature Computer-Controlled Veneers

 - Sep 17, 2009
References: aaadrafting.blogspot
"Little is being done in cabinetry in general and kitchen design in particular that wasn’t around 40 years ago," says Bob Baldwin, a custom kitchen cabinet designer and maufacturer.

Bob Baldwin has designed custom computerized equipment that cuts intricate wooden marquetry designs into kitchen cabinet faces. This allows any kitchen installation to look like it was custom-made.

To design one of these cabinet faces, Baldwin traces out the artwork he wishes to use on the kitchen cabinet. The artwork is then scanned into a computer and turned into a file which can control a CNC (computer numerical controlled) router.

The designs can then be precision cut from bamboo and other fine woods. Unlike traditional marquetry, where everything is hand made by the carpenter, Bob Baldwin's designs can be reproduced multiple times.