Scrabble's Board Game Advertisement Shows One Word Turning into Another

 - Aug 30, 2014
References: scrabble & adsoftheworld
This Scrabble board game advertisement series shows off the power of words, and how one short word can easily become something longer that will earn you more points during a game.

In the print ads, Scrabble shows strange looking hybrid objects that have merged together, such as where "pen" has become "penguin" and "cat" has been lengthened to "caterpillar." As well as having the same beginnings, the images are styled to resemble one another too. Without making use of any words or actual Scrabble tiles, this is a clever way for the board game brand to get its message across. While a novice player might start out forming some of the smaller words at first, it's also a clever way to suggest how much a player's vocabulary can be strengthened by playing and learning over time.