The New BMW M2 Features Console Kneepads to Protect Drivers in Sharp Corners

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: press.bmwgroup & gizmag
The all-new BMW M2 is a vehicle that is all set to occupy the position of newest and most desirable entry level vehicle in the considerable array of M-division vehicles in BMW's car arsenal.

This vehicle is equipped with a traditional throw-back rear-wheel drive layout, significantly increased engine power for better performance, highly optimized handling capabilities and improved aerodynamics, all of which work together to create a car that is more powerful but is also incredibly smooth and satisfying as far as handling is concerned.

The BMW M2's interior features leather seats with bespoke stitching and adjustable side bolsters, a console kneepad for protection in sharp corners, a special M-Series leather-bound steering wheel and gear selector and a variety of modern electronic gadgets and gizmos.

Modern, stylish and handling like a dream, this is a complete car and a fine addition to BMW's roster.