The BMW i8 is a Sustainable, High-Performance Sports Car

 - Mar 5, 2015
References: bmw & press.bmwgroup
The word 'groundbreaking' is thrown around a lot in the auto world and rarely warranted, but it's the perfect word to describe the BMW i8, the first sports car to boast the consumption and emission specs of a compact vehicle. The car was recently crowned UK Car of the Year for 2015, a testament to its impact on drivers.

The BMW i8 leaves nothing to chance. Petrolheads are a high-maintenance bunch, and have been known to dismiss vehicles with impressive performance specs due to their unappealing design or vice-versa. Which is why BMW really went to town on the i8, crafting a vehicle that pairs a three-cylinder engine with an electric motor -- for top-notch economy, emissions and power in its class -- whilst offering a design that is sleek and sporty without looking like just any other sports car.

Sporty in appearance and performance, sustainable and responsive, the BMW i8 is in many ways the embodiment of what a modern sports car should be.