The 'HiddenRadio2' Bluetooth Radio Provides 15-Hours of Playtime

Technology is becoming more design-focused than ever, which is prevalent with the 'HiddenRadio2' Bluetooth radio that features innovative features and design aesthetics.

Aside from the Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker system is capable of providing up to 15-hours of music playback at an exceptionally excellent quality. The secret to the 'HiddenRadio2' Bluetooth radio's success is in the design; the top portion rises when in use to reveal a 360-degree speaker that blasts music in all directions for an easy way to fill a room with tunes.

Coming in either black or silver color options, the 'HiddenRadio2' Bluetooth radio can be connected in pairs to create a sound system in one's dwelling that's both functional and fashionable for a more unified experience all around.