Mia Maestro's Blue Eyed Sailor Stars Gorgeous Body Art

 - Jul 28, 2013
References: vimeo
Mia Maestro's latest tune, 'Blue Eyed Sailor,' has a new video to accompany it, featuring some absolutely stunning body art. In the video, Mia is painted head to foot in elaborate patterns, from black and pink floral designs, to white and red tablecloth patterns. She stands against a wallpapered background that looks exactly like her body paint, allowing her to camouflage herself amidst these beautiful patterns.

A stunning shot opens the short film, showing Mia lying against a black floral-covered ground. However's she's hardly visible, with all of her gorgeous body painting. Her eyes open, and stare out at the camera, like some kind of camouflaged sea creature that has just awakened. The end result is a video just bursting with magic and fantasy, proving that the art of the music video has not been completely lost.