These Blue Candy Canes Celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah

 - Nov 25, 2016
References: mcphee
While it's not unusual to occasionally see blue candy canes in stores, these ones from Archie McPhee are specifically branded as 'Hanukkah Candy Canes.'

The set of blue and white candy canes come in a classic peppermint flavoring, yet promise to "confuse holidays in a fun way." In the same way that they can be suspended from the branch of a Christmas tree, the brand also suggests that consumers may hang them on a Hanukkah bush.

The Hanukkah Candy Canes are just one of the novelty holiday sweets offered by Archie McPhee. The online shop also sells candy canes in a range of off-the-wall flavors, such as coffee, gravy, pickle and wasabi, as well as an all-white hooked candy that is completely flavorless—and appropriately named the 'Bah, Humbug! Candy Cane.'