This Easy-to-Attach Sensor Monitors the Amount of Oxygen in Your Bloodstream

 - Sep 21, 2015
References: moxymonitor & gizmag
The 'Moxy Monitor' is an easy-to-use device that tracks blood oxygen levels to give athletes a better idea of their level of performance and well-being.

Designed to stick against the skin, this small box-shaped monitor uses LED and light detectors to transfer near-infrared light through the skin. Oxygen rich blood absorbs the near-infrared light that enters through the user's muscles, and once bounced back to the device is calculated as an accurate reading of the user's blood oxygen levels.

The 'Moxy Monitor' is also designed to be ultra durable and uses a sealed waterproof case that can be used for a variety of physically demanding sports. The monitor also lasts three hours on a single 90 minute charge and can be synced with third party apps and fitness tracking devices.