The Intelligent Blinker Lets Cyclists Flash Turn Signals

 - Aug 13, 2014
References: & gizmag
The Intelligent Blinker is, as the name suggests, an intelligently designed wrist bracelet -- developed by doctoral students at Switzlerland's EPFL research institute -- that blinks to allow cyclists to flash turn signals to communicate their intentions on the road with other motorists.

Any regular bicycle commuter will vouch for the fact that it's very important to let motorists know when you plan to turn or switch lanes. That's why the researchers developed the Intelligent Blinker, which automatically flashes whenever the cyclist raises their arm to signal.

The bracelets, one of which would be worn on each arm, contain accelerometers and magnetometers that detect changes in the arm's orientation. When the arm moves out laterally, the sensors trigger integrated LED lights to blink.

The bracelets have a built-in photovoltaic panel to harness energy, but can also be charged via USB.