This Road Printer Efficiently and Effectively Paves a Path for the Blind

 - Dec 6, 2013
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You may have noticed those little raised lines along train station platforms and sidewalks. These are what the Blind Road Printer produces. Currently, large international cities install these with complex and cumbersome machinery, but this 2013 Red Dot Design Award winner proposes a simpler process.

This compact robotic vehicle is equipped with sensors and detection feedback that guide it towards the ideal location for raised pavement markings. An intelligent operating system and a rechargeable battery enable the application and creation of the yellow bumps with a 3D printer in the base.

Specific instructions can be fed into Hao Cong's Blind Road Printer so that it can produce embossed lines both straight and curved. The invention would make it easier and cheaper to enhance the urban environment with these tangible features, affording the visually impaired safety and a better notion of their physical environment.