Blind by Julia Fullerton-Batten Captures Haunting Portraits

 - Nov 21, 2013
References: juliafullerton-batten & itsnicethat
Blind by Julia Fullerton-Batten, a German photographer based in London, England, is a series that captures stunning portraits of the visually impaired. At once whimsical and haunting, the images invites people to really look into the eyes of those who can't see themselves. It is easy to stare awkwardly at a corner just in the distance when someone else isn't looking directly at them. But there is beauty to be seen in their sightless gaze.

More than that, Blind by Julia Fullerton-Batten explores what it is to be blind. The photographer asks, "What is it like to be blind, fully or partially? Is it worse to be blind from birth, or to be robbed of one’s sight later in life through illness or accident?" Interestingly, the backdrops were chosen by the models.