'Blind' is a Short Film That Depicts a Post-Nuclear Tokyo

 - Sep 11, 2011
References: japantrends
As Japan nears the half-year mark since the March 2011 earthquake, the topic is regaining importance in the national mindspace and nothing proves that more succinctly than 'Blind.'

Produced through Kickstarter funding, the 5-minute short film explores the idea of life in the country's capital in the wake of a nuclear disaster. Pedestrians all don customized and stylized gas masks, indicating the commonality of respirators, as mounted televisions indicate wind speeds and parts of the city that are irradiated. Morose, visceral and detailed, Blind subtly broadcasts a warning message to its viewers: "Turning away from today's reality will blind our future."

The unnamed protagonist attempts to stop an innocent girl from removing her mask, only to break the fourth wall. In the end, we're transported back to the present and are forced to acknowledge our hubris and what it's done.