This Healthy Dessert Recipe is Made with Coconut Antioxidant Fruits

 - Jan 5, 2016
References: blissfulbasil & blissfulbasil
Lifestyle blog Blissful Basil offers a healthy take on the popular rice pudding dessert with a recipe that is dairy-free as well as made from grains of black rice. The vegan dish is also packed with antioxidants and sweet flavor thanks to the inclusion of fruits such as pomegranate seeds.

The Vegan Creamy Coconut Rice Pudding dessert plays with new flavors and dairy-free ingredients to create a dessert that is much healthier and easier on the body to digest. The recipe contains short-grained black rice as the base soaked in coconut milk. The dessert is then sweetened with wholesome maple syrup, vanilla and spices and topped with raisins and pomegranates.

The Vegan Creamy Coconut Black Rice Pudding showcases how consumers are seeking out healthier versions of their favorite sweet foods for guilt-free enjoyment.