Black Implies Cleanliness for Japanese Products

 - May 15, 2007
References: kilian-nakamura
It seems like black is back again. For those who think black means dirtiness, you have to think again.

According to CScout Japan, "in Japanese products, particularly concerning lifestyle and wellbeing. While often associated with dirt or being “tough” in the Western sense (The color of choice for manly gadgets and furniture), Japan brings a different perspective, associating the color with cleanliness."

For the past few years, Japanese manufacturers have introduced many products in black. This trend has become more popular by mixing black, which known for its traditional clean, with modern designs. Moreover, black can imply professional. When you go to many trendy restuarants and bars, you will see staffs wearing black aprons. This is because white only looks clean when it actually is, and it's not lookk modern at all.