New Alternate Reality Game Black Helix Brings Virtual World to Life

 - Mar 2, 2011
References: theblackhelix
Alternate reality games (ARG) are a new form of gaming that combines the Internet with real-world events and clues to create an immersive experience, with Black Helix as this genre's newest addition. Black Helix is a global ARG that has just launched, taking place through March 2011, with players engaged in live events, phone calls, real world tasks and a final role-playing finale.

The Black Helix story revolves around the kidnapping of a 27 year old Medical research student while she is recording a video log containing information on her drug research and paranoia at being watched.

Black Helix takes the ARG concept a step further, with the story responding to conversations taking place on Facebook and Twitter and player aliases being written into the story which will subsequently published as a unique eBook.