This Black and White Mural was Made by Artist David De La Mano

This intriguing black and white mural by David De La Mano plays around with the human form a little bit. This monochromatic art work depicts two large black head shapes flecked with white paint in an interesting way.

Up close it's easy to see that these white paint specks are actually tiny little human bodies, all cramping up beside one another to create the outline of a face. Essentially this surreal piece depicts people within people, within people.

This creative street art can be found in Montevideo, Uruguay. There's something about this surreal monochromatic mural that catches the viewers gaze and holds it. David De La Mano is an expert at turning a blank wall into a captivating work of art. This piece called 'Transciende' requires viewers to look a little closer to see what's really going on.