The Hudson Standard Offers Bitters and Shrubs for Dynamic Flavor

New York's Hudson Wine Merchants offers handcrafted local bitters and shrubs, which are perfect for concocting custom cocktails, under the label 'The Hudson Standard.'

The Spiced Apple Bitters and Pear Honey Ginger Shrubs are a delicious way to jazz up a drink. The latter option is made with only five organic ingredients, the majority of which come from the Hudson Valley. The unique blend of apple cider, honey, vinegar, pears, organic ginger and sugar, create an interesting flavor profile that's both tart and sweet, and will most definitely delight your taste buds.

Moreover, shrubs have no alcohol content, making them a tasty addictive for virgin cocktails. If you want to create a dynamic taste that's perfect for exploring food pairings, the Hudson Standard bitters and shrubs are the way to go.