Bob Croslin‘s Bird Portraits are Harrowing and Graceful

 - Jun 1, 2014
References: offset & featureshoot
Taking on a subject not most take on, Bob Croslin‘s bird portraits are unique because the birds aren't flying freely in the vast blue skies as they should be, but injured in small cages.

"We always had a bucket of bait fish around for the shore birds which meant my assistant and I would always leave smelling like fish guts," says Croslin.

The haunting dark images may look bold, beautifully sleek and gracefully distinct, but the idea of them being unable to do what they are born to do is heartbreaking.

The Tampa-based photographer teamed up with a local bird rehabilitation center to capture the bird portraits. The birds he snapped were put in this saddening state because their habitats were being encroached by humans with a thirst for over development.