The Bios Urn is an Environment-Enhancing Option for Burying Remains

 - Mar 25, 2015
References: urnabios & tuvie
Only really in the last decade or two have many concepts like the Bios Urn cropped up. Tombstones and even plaques are gradually going out of fashion beyond the baby boomer generation, with a growing interest in more eco-friendly burial methods being explored.

This particular product was proposed a few of years ago, and the consumer enthusiasm around the idea has supported a more recent redesign. What you'll notice now is that the cup is discernibly made from biodegradable material, taking a more contemporary form with molded curves and embossed symbols. The tall, dissolvable vessel has ample room for all of the deceased's ashes, compartmentalized beneath a thick layer of soil. There's now a choice pine, beech, ash, oak, maple and gingko seeds to burgeon into a memorial tree, wherever you want it.