This Bike-Powered Charger Allows Users to Take Their Gadgets Anywhere

 - Jul 17, 2015
References: spineticsinc & fastcoexist
The 'CydeKick' is a bike-powered charger that uses pedal power to juice up your devices. The device is perfect for anyone who enjoys long bike rides, but wants to remain connected at all times.

The CydeKick device can power lights, batteries and a USB port. The device operates through the use of a magnetic hub generator, which is connected to a small headlamp and a handlebar-mounted USB charger. The device is fixed on the rear wheel hub and harnesses the power of spinning magnets to produce energy. This means that the power you generate from spinning your wheels, ultimately helps to charge your devices.

The bike-powered charger ideal for a number of different situations because it allows you to use applications such as GPS without the risk of draining your batteries.