Bike Shelves are a Design Solution That Lets You Bring Your Bike Inside

 - May 31, 2011
References: urbancitybikeshelves & likecool
Bike Shelves are a unique design idea that allows you to bring your bike inside and have a place to put that will not be in the way; the Bike Shelves are a cherrywood shelf with a place underneath for you to securely store your bike (fixed gear or otherwise).

Bike Shelves are a highly aesthetic piece of home design that will have your guests talking about your collection Gabriel Garcia Marquez books as much as it is likely to get them to admire your two wheeler.

Unfortunately, the Bike Shelves do not come with the aligator head as shown in the pics, but you are encouraged to go out and purchase other eccentric pieces as a substitute (I suggest a miniature Elvis head).