The Amulet Line of Knots Prevents People from Parking in Certain Spaces

The Amulet Line of Knots by Konya2023 and Takako Takeuchi was put in place to keep people from parking in spots that weren't theirs. The bike barriers were set up in a locals garage, since he was becoming frustrated with how little space he had to put his own modes of transportation.

According to DesignBoom, "the Kekkai structure is based on japanese shrines and consists of a circle, knots, and columns, all of which are important elements in shinto culture." Therefore, not only does the Amulet Line of Knots serve a practical purpose, but it's also extremely symbolic. The design sections off certain parking spots, but it also indicates that the area is private property, and that the spaces have already been reserved. Who knew all of this could be symbolized with rope and string?

Photo Credits: designboom,