This Big Mac Meal is Drenched in Chemical Acid To Char the Sandwich

 - Aug 25, 2016
References: sploid.gizmodo & geekologie
This Big Mac meal endures quite the chemical alteration with sulphuric acid being poured over the dish to char the fast food. The process is filmed in a video for LMT that showcase the sandwich being covered in the potent liquid and how it reacts. While some might suspect, the fast food doesn't break down and mostly just chars on the outside -- which perhaps speaks to how chemically processed the meal is.

The team at LMT thought it might interesting to see how a Big Mac might stand up against sulphuric acid and this video shows the burger being drenched in the chemical and what the reaction is over a time laps. While sulphuric acid is quite powerful at breaking down many compounds, it seems to only blacken the outside of this burger.