Cadbury is Extending Their Bicycle Factory to Include a Bicycle Generator

 - May 30, 2014
References: thebicyclefactory & fastcocreate
A bicycle generator is helping students in Ghana, West Africa read after dark. Cadbury is expanding their Bicycle Factory program to include a simple, but incredibly useful tool.

The existing program is a microsite that encourages Cadbury customers to input UPC codes, each one representing a bike part. Once assembled, real bikes will be sent to Africa. 30,000 two wheelers later, Cadbury is looking to help communities in rural Ghana by creating a cheap and durable bicycle generator that can be used as a light. This way students who do not have electricity at home can do their homework, improve the education they are receiving and continue to break the cycle of poverty.

The generators are being tested this summer and are also capable of charging cell phones.