The Bic Flex 3 Commercial Takes Competitive Sports to a Whole Other Level

 - Apr 13, 2011
References: bicworld & adsoftheworld
You may not be sure what to expect from the Bic Flex 3 commercial as it starts off with a man in a steamy shower. He is covered in shaving cream and starts to shave every little hair off his body. The ad soon becomes humorous as the man emerges from the shower onto a curling rink in a tiny bathing suit. He then proceeds to become a human curling stone that glides across the ice, trying to pursue a victory.

The Bic Flex 3 commercial is comically titled 'WTF! Insane human curling.' The ad is hilarious because of how seriously the rearranged sport is portrayed throughout the piece, provoking plenty of laughs from the viewing audience.