teamLab's Beyond the Limits Exhibition Marvels Viewers in Paris

 - Jun 5, 2018
References: & luxurylaunches
teamLab's latest Beyond the Limits exhibition is taking Paris by storm as it showcases a gorgeously colored digital waterfall. This is not the first exhibition for teamLab, as the Japanese tech firm has built up quite a reputation for its visually stunning 3D installations, and its latest exhibit is no exception.

Set in La Villette, the expansive exhibition projects an enormous waterfall on a wall 11 meters high and 25.5 meters wide. This waterfall is the core of the Beyond the Limits exhibition, but it is bolstered with a beautiful display of flowers blooming, growing and eventually shedding their petals in a continuous cycle. According to teamLab leader Toshiyuki Inoko, "The exhibition will inspire people to rethink about boundaries in their daily lives and across the world."