'Beyonce Vs. Zombies' is a Whole New Take on Song Lyrics

We all know Beyonce is fierce but Artist Ali Graham takes her power to a whole new level in his Tumblr 'Beyonce Vs. Zombies.' Graham decided to pair the diva's descriptive song lyrics with artwork featuring Beyonce battling zombies. Pretty soon he was finding creative ways to take an apocalyptic spin on the context of her popular songs.

It's a clever new way to look at our beloved Queen Bey. And after looking at this Tumblr, you probably won't imagine her songs in the same way. 'Telephone,' for example, has the line, "I left my head and my heart on the dance floor" -- now imagine Beyonce literally doing that to the undead.

If anything, this amazing blog just reinforces her ferocity and one thing's for sure, if the zombies do come, I'd definitely want this diva fighting for me!