The Betsey Johnson SS 2014 Collection is Retro-Futuristic

Betsey Johnson furthers her outlandish fashion and crazy creativity during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with the Betsey Johnson SS 2014 collection. Betsey brings us back to the past with her favorite Johnson-esque styles from eras prior, celebrating her forty fabulous years in fashion.

The Betsey Johnson SS 2014 Collection is one of her more toned-down lines, if you can believe it -- but don't you fret, as it still manages to cover everything Betsey. It's just as crazy, creative, loud, and above all, fun as all her other designs. Her silver-lipped and pink-haired models add the perfect futuristic touch and make for a beautiful cross between the rockin' 80s (one of the eras touched on and celebrated, of course) and the unknown space-like future of 'The Jetsons.'

Johnson also brought in the bold and daring animal prints she always does, as well as the ever timeless and immensely classic all-black look. Forty years in the business and Betsey Johnson has still got all her jazz.