The Beronia Rueda Winery Building Features Massive Windows

 - May 18, 2018
References: archdaily
For most buildings, a view of the surrounding environment is a nice luxury, but for the Beronia Rueda Winery, such a view is a business necessity. Considering that the winery headquarters is existentially reliant on the health and maintenance of its vineyard, it should come as no surprise that IDOM, the architecture firm responsible for the building, prioritized tremendous vistas.

The Beronia Rueda Winery is at the most northwesterly edge of its fields. The architects thus design the entire southeastern wall of the building with as many windows as possible. There are also massive, dramatic porthole-like structures that extend from the southeastern wall, providing the vintners with completely uninterrupted views of the field to which they lay claim.

Image Credit: Aitor Ortiz