'Biografie' by Bernardo Vercelli Captures the Intricate Routine of Insects

 - Mar 27, 2012
References: quietensemble & incrediblethings
Bernardo Vercelli says that the title for his latest artwork, 'Biografie,' means literally the graphic depiction of life (Bio: life and graphie: graphically). This set of illustrations is the result of the artist studying various insects in intervals of 50 minutes, where in which he would document (through illustration) the specific path of that individual insect. The outcome of this oddly fascinating endeavor is a series of illustrations by Bernardo Vercelli depicting several lines dispersed throughout the page in a seemingly random yet structured order.

Ranging from spider to silkworm to ant, each path is unique to the specific bug's lifestyle and seems to contain a miniature story within it. Bernardo Vercelli creatively captures the intricate and entertaining routines bustling within the miniature alien world.