The Berlin Philharmonic Campaign Shows a Violin in the Style of a Building

 - Mar 16, 2012
References: s-f & ibelieveinadv
It would not be at all surprising if some people thought the images shot for the Berlin Philharmonic campaign were that of a building. The wooden walls, skylights and tunnels could easily form the various rooms and hallways of a human-sized structure. Instead, the shots are of the inside of a violin.

Created by Scholz & Friends, an ad agency based in Berlin, Germany, the Berlin Philharmonic campaign beautifully illustrates its tagline "näher an der klassik," which means "closer to the classical" in German. Photographed by Bjoen Ewers, the Berlin Philharmonic campaign brings people as close to classical music as is possible with a camera, short of taking microscopic images of the Violin’s wood grain. The result is stunningly sculptural.