This Newspaper Card is Perfect for Fans of the Ben Affleck Batman Movie

 - May 14, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
Give the gift of a newspaper headline for your friend, sibling or lover's next birthday with these Batman graphic novel-style birthday cards that fittingly pay tribute to the heavily anticipated Ben Affleck Batman movie release.

This printable comic book newspaper card is a quirky, old-school and extremely unique way to wish someone a happy birthday. The card is designed to look like the front page of the iconic Gotham Times newspaper from the Batman stories. The front headline reads, "Holy Birthday, Batman!" with room for you to insert the name of the birthday boy or girl and their age. Underneath in the paper's column, you can inscribe a superhero-worthy birthday message letting everyone know how amazing you think the birthday boy or girl is. You can also use this Batman newspaper card for baby showers or party invitations.