The Bellcycle Reveses the Standard Bicycle Layout

 - Jan 31, 2018
References: kickstarter & producthunt
There are plenty of stylistic difference between various types of bicycles, but the Bellcycle is a new type of bike that truly revolutionizes the design. Rather than simply changing the shape or positioning of the tires or handlebars, the creative bicycle completely rethinks the standard layout: it places the pedals on the front wheel and the handlebars behind the rider.

At first glance, the Bellcycle looks more like a unicycle than a bike. However, the product does indeed have two wheels; the back wheel serves as support and steering, while the front wheel generates power. Not only does such a design create a more relaxed riding position while reducing the size of the bike, but it's also safer. When stopping abruptly on the Bellcycle, riders will naturally fall forward and land on their feet while the bike moves behind them, reducing the chance of injury in the event of an accident.