These Capri Bell Necklaces from WTAPS are Available in Silver and Brass

WTAPS, a high-end streetwear brand that's based in Japan, expanded its offerings with two beautiful Capri Bell necklaces.

As HYPEBEAST explains of the brand's 2016 line, the jewelry was "inspired by the Capri Bell charms that World War II soldiers and fighter pilots kept in their jackets for good luck." Each of the necklaces includes these small charms, along with the words "WISH ME LUCK" engraved on it.

On the other side of the Capri Bell necklaces, WTAPS' branding is included within the confines of a four-leaf clover, as is "1996," in reference to the year the brand was founded. The chain that holds the rustic-looking charms is lightweight and elegant -- making for a minimalist accessory that's well-suited to both men and women.