The BottleCamo Keeps Your Beer Cool, Safe and Hidden

 - Sep 30, 2013
References: fundable
For those who want to keep their beers cool, safe and more hidden, check out the BottleCamo. The BottleCamo does all three of these things in one handy, simplistic container.

For those who have an interest in walking through public spaces with open bottles of beer, or have ever dropped their bottle of beer on the ground, or have ever longed for a colder beverage, the BottleCamo is for you. The bottom of the BottleCamo unscrews to allow bottles of beer to be inconspicuously placed inside.

The form-fitting model allows the bottles to fit perfectly within the stainless steel design, which prevents them from breaking if dropped. The BottleCamo stainless steel exterior also ensures your beverage remains much cooler than if in a ‘koozie,’ for example.