Beer-Proof Lederhosen Lets You Be an Even Messier Drunk

 - Sep 18, 2009
References: & neatorama
Oktoberfest is here, and this year you get to wear beer-proof lederhosen! That’s right, the annual German festival of beer, sauerkraut, beer, sausages, and more beer is about to begin. And this year you don’t have to worry about spilling beer on your leather lederhosen, because some genius invented beer-proof lederhosen.

Austrian Peter Kolb is to thank for the beer-proof lederhosen, and although Alpine traditionalists aren’t so impressed by the idea, beer-proof lederhosen are catching on. Made out of a liquid wicking material (similar to swimming trunks, which incidentally, they double as), they look remarkably like the real thing, with embroidered deer head and all. Yodeling is not mandatory upon purchase.