Sankt Gallen's Apple Cinnamon Ale is a Flavorful Beer for the Fall

Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen's Apple Cinnamon Ale is a light and refreshing beer for the fall that takes inspiration from some of the most beloved flavors of the season. The beer is made with toasted malts, baked local apples, cinnamon and maple sugar, which gives the ale a rich amber color and an aroma that's like apple pie. Just like the beloved dessert, this ale can be enjoyed warm or chilled. When poured, the drink leaves a thick cinnamon-flavored foam in the glass. To further enhance the taste and texture of the drink, Sankt Gallen recommends enjoying the ale with cut apple slices, as well as fresh cinnamon and cloves.

While the Apple Cinnamon Ale was initially being offered by the brewery as a beer for the fall, Sankt Gallen launched a limited-edition label specifically for Christmastime and the winter season.