Beautiful Feet Provides Footwear to Those Who Need it Most

 - Jun 7, 2012
Beautiful Feet is a non-profit organization and a certified Made for Good brand that sells men and women's footwear and apparel, as well as stickers and unisex bracelets. Beautiful Feet supports its footwear initiative and its other projects through donations and the proceeds from its merchandise. Beautiful Feet also has a religious component, stating that spreading the Gospel of Christ is a key aspect of its humanitarian vision.

However, BF recognizes that there are many other areas and ways to help in addition to sending shoes and sandals to those living in dangerous and unsanitary conditions in developing nations. Other projects currently undertaken by Beautiful Feet include the Aqualife Project, which operates an orphanage in Flowers Bank, Belize in partnership with the Belizean Children’s Effort; the Mossy Foot Project, dedicated to education on and treatment and prevention of Podoconiosis ("Mossy Foot disease"); and saving children from abuse at La Chureca, a municipal dump outside Managua, Nicaragua.

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