The Marketer's Magic Chest by Hjortur Smarason

 - Jan 10, 2009
Hjörtur Smárason, a marketing expert in Iceland, wrote a fascinating ebook called "The Marketer's Magic Chest – Marketing tips, tricks and tools to unlock the chains of recession" which covers 11 different tactics and strategies companies can apply to beat the recession and become a winner.

"The economic forecast for 2009 is RECESSION! A scary thing that puts way too many businesses out of business," says Smárason. "Yet, some businesses manage not only to survive recession, but to become much stronger during recession. In this book, I describe how you can be such a survivor."

The Marketer's Magic Chest is incredibly captivating; Smárason's words draw you in and you can't help but learn as he takes you through the economic collapse in Iceland.

From his blog:

It’s like we know the system is broken, we know it’s gone, but we can’t see it. We can’t tell what’s real, what’s still there, and what are just the ghosts of yesterday, when Iceland was one of the richest countries in the world. A pale reflection of the golden age in Icelandic economy, which is now going up in flames. Where’s the smoke?

You can't help but smile either; Smárason is so optimistic.

"Your outlook on things, your attitude, is the most important factor of all when dealing with tough times, like a recession," he writes.

"I could crawl under a blanket and cry. I could lie on my back and die. But that's boring stuff. That's not inspirational or constructive for my five children."

Smárason points toward the opportunities in a recession and not only suggests adjusting to live differently, but he heralds the importance of marketing, and he offers exceptional tips on how to approach it.

"Those who shut all doors and windows so the money can’t get out and hide in the basement trying to wait off the recession, better be growing money trees in the basement. Otherwise, this is the guaranteed recipe to bankruptcy."

He reminds us that "the customer is king" and offers tips on SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, social media marketing, newsletters, WOM, freebies, corporate social responsibility and a wealth of other information useful for marketers looking to innovative through the recession.

He includes case studies that are both informative and interesting; anecdotes that stick so you don't forget the important points.

In addition to this free ebook, Smárason keeps his blog, 'Marketing Safari,' updated with of-the-moment tips, has another website with tips for living a good life on a budget called Túkallinn (2 cents), speaks around the world, and sets up courses on topics like "How to land on top in a recession ‐ Internet marketing and tactics in a recession."

Smárason has made the book available for Trend Hunters to download for free. "Instead of charging the standard $20-30 for the ebook, I've decided to give it for free. Anyone can download the ebook for free and share it. If it helped you make a fortune or rescue your business, you are welcome to pay for it what ever you find fair" he says.

So we encourage you to download the book and see how you can kick ass during the recession. Download it here.