The 'Beardlands' Graphic Provides a Path to a Clean Shaven Existance

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: thoscorp & holykaw.alltop
Since the world is in the midst of Movember and facial hair is on people's minds and upper lips, the good people at Thos Corps created a Venn diagram entitled Beardlands. The graphic features a variety of routes a man can take to transform himself from hairy man beast to clean shaven gentleman. Each facial hair style represents a cleverly name geographical area within the fictional land of Beards.

From Stripside Range to Chopstack Peak, the bearded viewer is encouraged to choose his preferred hairy stop-overs along their voyage from the Untamed Wilds to Whiskers End. Presented in a "choose your own adventure" manner, your journey through the Beardlands can be as conservative or outlandish as you wish or, more realistically, as your significant other will allow.

A celebration of fuzzy faces everywhere, the Beardlands graphic is a hairy geography lesson you won't soon forget.