The 'Will It Beard' Blog Features Bizarre Beard Styles

Pierce Thiot is a bearded man who sticks various objects into his beard to create different beard styles, and documents it all on his Tumblr. The Tumblr account is a must follow for beard lovers, and is called 'Will It Beard.' Pierce Thiot enlisted his wife to take a continuing series of pictures of him and his odd beard creations. The full thick bearded Thoit sticks items like razors, bow ties, gummy worms, noodles, straws and lit matches.

The pictures show strategically placed items that look bizarre in a beard, but somehow awesomely hilarious at the same time. The beard styles vary and are consistently bizarre and interesting. Beard lovers appreciate the creativeness of the Tumblr photo series. Even though the beard styles couldn’t be worn out in public on a regular day, the bearded masterpieces are fun to look at every day on Tumblr.