Marianne Batlle Beaded Brooch Pins Feature Famous Faces

Including the iconic faces of Michael Jackson, Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Andy Warhol and more, the beaded brooch pins by Marianne Batlle are for the fashion diva who knows her stuff.

Many of these artist and designers, who are adored by many style-savvy people and celebrities to this day, had their own fashion muses who inspired and wore many of their amazing works. People who admire them can now wear their image as a brooch with this collection of intricately beaded pins that are easily recognizable to fans and admirers. Wear these on the lapel of a classically cut blazer, or use them to add a point of detail and decor on a structured dress.

Marianne Batlle's beaded brooch pins will be admired by those who are obsessed with fashion.