Beacon is Kickstarter for Writers Working on Passion Projects

 - Mar 22, 2014
References: beaconreader & psfk
Leading the life of a freelance writer can be disillusioning and even disheartening as they compromise their own dreams to focus on projects that further the success of someone or something else; Beacon is a solution to that problem. Essentially, Beacon is Kickstarter for writers. A writer posts their passion project on Beacon so as to gain crowd-sourced funding.

Essentially, Beacon allows these freelance journalists the opportunity to earn a salary while exploring topics that the funders themselves are interested in following and learning more about. Instead of one lump-sum donation, however, Beacon encourages each person to fund writers a minimum $5 a month until their project is completed. This allows them the time needed to collect as much data and information as possible.