Maya Told Us About Her ‘Be Shameless’ Project

 - Nov 21, 2013
References: youtube
YouTube user Shameless Maya shared her story of how her ‘Be Shameless’ self-promotion project exploded online and turned into an incredible experience.

The project started when she realized how many no-names and random people were making themselves known through social media in spectacular ways. Out of that inspiration (and with a little bit of jealousy), she decided she would shamelessly promote herself for 365 days. Her personality on YouTube was greeted by thousands of subscriptions, millions of comments and lots of great feedback and requests. Her YouTube channel has everything from outfit walkthroughs to curly hair tutorials to ‘how to’ tutorials to filming tips.

Maya went through her ultimate ‘Be Shameless’ trial, which was to divert the attention she got from her big, bouncy curls -- and so, she shaved her head. Despite her fear (and the dismay of some of her followers), she wanted to focus on a different kind of beauty, which involved positive thinking, eating healthy, exercising and many more habits that overall aim to improve your life.

Maya is truly a unique video blogger. Her social experiment turned out into a life-changing experience that continues to go on past her 365 day goal.