EA's 'Battlefield 1' Captures the Gruesome Reality of WWI

 - Jul 11, 2016
References: gamespot & techinsider.io
EA's 'Battlefield 1' is a new first-person shooter game, which aims to depict the grisly realities of World War I. The digitally rendered images are stunning in their detail and quality. EA even includes zeppelins and tanks, which were first used for warfare during WWI.

The game has the player go through the ruins of Europe. While the zeppelins can be taken down by a group of players, the landscape, including windmills, can't be destroyed. EA also included changing weather, making the game more realistic and more difficult.

EA said that they took a risk with Battlefield 1 as it deviated from other shooting video games being released that are more futuristic. It fits in well with the Battlefield series given than the WWI setting is perfect for large-scale battles that require diverse and fast-paced gaming tactics.